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Operation Points of Brush Cutter


Operation points of Brush Cutter:

(1) After the engine of the side-mounted brush cutter is started, the side-mounted belt is placed on the operator's shoulder. When the engine speed reaches a certain speed, the centrifugal clutch is engaged, and the drive shaft in the hard casing rotates and passes through a pair of cones in the reduction box. With the deceleration of the gear and the change of the transmission direction, the power of the engine is transmitted to the saw blade or cutter head of the working part of the brush cutter. The working part rotates at a high speed. Weeds are cut and removed, and the working width is about 1m.

(2) After the engine of the knapsack brush cutter is started, put the strap behind the operator's back, the engine power is transmitted to the working parts of the brush cutter through the flexible shaft, and the operator can hold the joystick and cut while walking. Because the engine is carried on the back, the operation flexibility is great, and it is not affected by the terrain and slope.

(3) When cutting shrubs below 8cm, the one-way feed saw can be used to directly cut down; when cutting shrubs and trees above 8cm, two-way feed saws can be used, that is, first sawing the lower opening, then sawing the upper opening, and then using the saw. It is strictly forbidden to impact and cut, otherwise, it will hurt people or damage the machine due to inertia.

(4) When shutting down, turn off the throttle first, and then stop after idling for 3 to 5 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to stop suddenly during high-speed operations.

At the same time, the precautions for the use of the engine are as follows: add qualified gasoline and gasoline engine oil to ensure that the mixture ratio of gasoline and oil is 25:1; after 25 hours of operation, the air filter and spark plug must be checked; after each operation of a fuel tank, you should rest for 10 minutes; After each shift, the dirt on the heat sink should be cleaned to ensure its heat dissipation effect. When the transmission parts are in use, add grease to the deceleration after 25 hours of operation, and at the same time add grease to the junction of the upper part of the transmission shaft and the clutch. In the process of using the tool, the saw blade and blade used should be balanced and sharp, and the saw blade or blade with vibration should not be used. The length of the wedding nylon cable head should be controlled to be less than or equal to 15 cm.

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