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Which is Better, Rechargeable Chainsaw or Chainsaw?


Which is better, rechargeable chainsaw or chainsaw? Without drawing conclusions, for the time being, let’s make a comparative analysis from the following aspects:

1. Start method

As we all know, the chain saw is a two-stroke engine, and it must use the proportion of fuel, and the proportion must be in accordance with the proportion specified by the two-stroke engine oil. In addition, starting, the chain saw also has standard steps. For beginners, it is easy to cause flooding due to improper starting.

It is much simpler to recharge the chainsaw, no need to buy gasoline, let alone mix fuel, a lithium battery can solve the power problem. Start-up is even easier, load in the lithium battery, press the power lightly with your thumb, and you can start the logging operation.

2. Operation method

When the chain saw is logging, the noise is relatively large, up to 120 decibels, and the working environment is poor; the chain saw is relatively heavy, has large operating vibration, and is relatively labor-intensive.

The rechargeable chainsaw has low noise, and the full-load operation is 96 decibels, which does not affect chatting when logging; the overall weight is lighter, the weight of the whole machine is less than 6 kg, and the vibration is less than one-tenth of the chainsaw, making it easier to use the rechargeable chainsaw.

3. Maintenance and maintenance

The failure rate of the rechargeable chainsaw is very low, and maintenance and maintenance only requires cleaning the lower surface of the machine.

Chainsaws are more professional, but the key maintenance parts include air filters, spark plugs, fuel filters, etc., not to mention regular cleaning of carbon deposits and adjustment of carburetors.

4. Environmental protection

In this regard, the rechargeable chainsaw has the advantage of rolling. It does not use fuel, has zero emissions, and almost achieves zero pollution. Green environmental protection can be said to be its label.

Of course, at present, the chainsaw still has its advantages, the price is low, the power is high, and it will be dominant in recent years. However, the advantages of rechargeable chainsaws herald the advent of the era of rechargeable chainsaws.

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