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Taizhou Oute Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd is China Automatic Chainsaws Manufacturers and Powerful Chainsaws factory. We specializing in producing Power Garden Tool and Professional Construction use Power Tools. Our wholesale Powerful Automatic Chainsaws Exactly following ISO90001, the quality control system with the supportive lab equipment enables the strict control from the incoming parts to the ready goods.Our company owns 5000 m2 production workshop, tooling workshop, in-house motor workshop allowing production capacity 500000 pcs/year. Team members with over 20years experience in product Designing, Tooling, Production and Quality Control and Customer Service can supply strong capability in product development and production.


Industry Knowledge Extension

More Information About Electric Chain Saw
What are the main technical parameters of electric chain saws?
The main technical parameters of the electric chain saw include:
1. Motor power: generally expressed in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW), which represents the output power of the motor and determines the cutting capacity of the chain saw.
2. Saw blade length: refers to the effective length of the saw chain, generally expressed in inches (inch) or millimeters (mm), and is also one of the cutting capabilities of the chain saw.
3. The number of teeth: Refers to the number of teeth per inch or centimeter on the saw chain. Generally, more teeth represent a smoother cutting effect.
4. Tooth pitch: refers to the distance between two adjacent teeth on the saw chain, which is also an important factor affecting the cutting effect.
5. Rated voltage and frequency: The power parameters of the electric chain saw are generally expressed in volts (V) and hertz (Hz).
6. Weight: The weight of an electric chain saw, usually expressed in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb), is also one of the factors to consider when purchasing.
7. Noise: The noise level of an electric chain saw, generally expressed in decibels (dB), is also one of the factors to consider when considering buying a chain saw.
8. Oil tank capacity: refers to the capacity of the electric chain saw to store lubricating oil, generally expressed in milliliters (ml) or ounces (oz).
9. Protective function: refers to the safety protection device of the electric chain saw, such as brakes, rebounders, and so on.

What safety regulations do i need to follow when using an electric chain saw? How to avoid accidents and injuries?
The following safety practices need to be observed when using an electric chain saw to avoid accidents and injuries:
1. Wear personal protective equipment, including hard hats, earmuffs, goggles, gloves, protective shoes, etc.
2. Before using the electric chain saw, you must be familiar with the various functions and usage methods of the saw machine, and ensure that the saw machine is in normal condition.
3. When using an electric chain saw, you must always maintain a balanced posture and stay clear of fallen trees or branches.
4. When operating a power chain saw, you must keep the handle secure and avoid kickback to prevent the saw from falling or injuring yourself.
5. When the saw chain gets stuck or needs to be replaced, the power plug must be unplugged first and a special tool must be used for the operation.
6. Avoid using electric chain saws in unsuitable environments, such as in rainy weather, at night, or in low-light environments.
7. When using a power chain saw, it is essential to keep the surrounding area clean and tidy to avoid accidents such as falls and trips.
8. After the electric chain saw is used, it must be cleaned and maintained in time, such as cleaning the saw teeth, lubricating the chain, replacing damaged accessories, etc.
9. When storing and carrying a chain saw, the machine must be kept turned off, and the chain and other accessories stored away.


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