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Taizhou Oute Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd is China Electric Adjustable Tillers Manufacturers and Electric Tillers factory. We specializing in producing Power Garden Tool and Professional Construction use Power Tools. Our wholesale Electric Adjustable Tillers Exactly following ISO90001, the quality control system with the supportive lab equipment enables the strict control from the incoming parts to the ready goods.Our company owns 5000 m2 production workshop, tooling workshop, in-house motor workshop allowing production capacity 500000 pcs/year. Team members with over 20years experience in product Designing, Tooling, Production and Quality Control and Customer Service can supply strong capability in product development and production.


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More Information About Electric Tiller
What kind of soil is best for an electric tiller, and are there some soil types it might be difficult to handle?
Electric tillers are best for soft, easy-to-plow soils such as sandy or loamy soils. These types of soil are easier to handle with electric tillers and don't put too much strain on the machine.
However, electric tillers may have some difficulty with some soil types, such as heavy soil, clay, or land with a lot of rocks. These soils are hard, difficult to turn, and could damage the electric cultivator. So, before using an electric cultivator, it's best to know your soil type to ensure you choose the right equipment for the job.

How is the electric tiller different from a traditional air tiller?
There are several notable differences between an Electric Tiller and a traditional air tiller, including the following:
1. Power source: While traditional air tillers are usually powered by an internal combustion engine, an Electric Tiller uses an electric motor. This makes the Electric Tiller more environmentally friendly as it produces no exhaust fumes or other harmful substances.
2. Noise: Since the Electric Tiller uses an electric motor, the noise level is low, which is much less than that of a traditional air tiller.
3. Maintenance Costs: An Electric Tiller is generally low maintenance because it does not require regular oil and other internal combustion engine parts changes. Traditional air tillers require more maintenance because they use an internal combustion engine.
4. Operation and Control: The Electric Tiller is relatively simple to operate and control, as it only needs to be plugged in to start. Traditional pneumatic tillers require a complex start-up process, including ignition and throttle adjustments.
5. Price: Electric tillers typically cost more than traditional air tillers. While you can save on fuel and maintenance costs with an Electric Tiller, it can be more expensive to purchase.


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