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Precautions for Use of Brush Cutter


Notes on using the brush cutter:

1. Familiar with the operation process, carefully read the brush cutter manual and know that in an emergency, turn off the engine in time.

2. Carefully check all parts before use to ensure that the brush cutter blade is firmly connected to the brush cutter. Replace old and damaged blades or screws as a set, so as not to cause the machine to run erratically. Damaged blades and screws are dangerous.

3. Only add fuel outdoors and before starting the engine. Do not smoke when fueling the engine. Do not remove the fuel cap or add oil when the engine is running or the temperature is high. If fuel spills, do not start the engine but place the brush cutter away from the oil stains until the fuel has evaporated to avoid a fire.

4. Do not manually adjust the governor to make the engine speed too high. Overspeeding is dangerous and shortens the life of your brushcutter.

5. The brush cutter should be pushed forward slowly during work, and the speed should not be too fast.

6. When mowing on sloping fields, do not go high and low. Be especially careful when turning on slopes. Do not mow on very steep slopes.

7. For brush cutters with grass collection boxes, do not use brush cutters when grass collection boxes are not installed.

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