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China Electric Chain Saw Industry Market Development Overview by admin on 2020-02-04

According to the "Research and Investment Strategy Report of China Electric Chain Saw Industry" released by Limu Information Consulting, the garden machinery industry has basically entered a mature stage in developed countries such as Europe and the ...

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The future development direction of China hardware and electric tools by admin on 2020-05-22

China's hardware and electric tools are advancing in frustration, and gain a place in the hardware profession with their own role. The hardware and electric tool profession is active in introducing skills to improve its own strength in China. It comm...

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Online Canton Fair by admin on 2020-06-15

Dear customer, Hope you are doing well. Just to let you know that Oute Tools will attend online Canton Fair from June 15 to June 24. Our online booth number is 15.2D20. We will do live show everyday and reply question in the show and present products...

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How To Use Automatic Chainsaw And Maintenance Skills by admin on 2020-12-26

  The automatic chainsaw is one of the most widely used and most frequent power tools in garden machinery products. Because it has very sharp teeth and is used for cutting wood at high speeds, strict safety precautions must be taken when using it. Ou...

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