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Operation Points of Brush Cutter by admin on 13-05-2022

Operation points of Brush Cutter: (1) After the engine of the side-mounted brush cutter is started, the side-mounted belt is placed on the operator's shoulder. When the engine speed reaches a certain speed, the centrifugal clutch is engaged, and the ...

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Precautions for Use of Brush Cutter by admin on 07-05-2022

Notes on using the brush cutter: 1. Familiar with the operation process, carefully read the brush cutter manual and know that in an emergency, turn off the engine in time. 2. Carefully check all parts before use to ensure that the brush cutter blade ...

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What to Know Before Buying a Chainsaw? by admin on 22-04-2022

Chainsaw Types Do you have down tree limbs after a powerful storm? Or maybe you need to cut down some overgrown trees? Find the right chainsaw that fits your needs and get the job done right with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Gas Chainsaws A ...

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Pole Saw Buyer's Guide by admin on 15-04-2022

Want to saw up high, but worry that it's dangerous to use a chainsaw while standing on a ladder? Good thinking. So how can you reach those high branches while keeping your feet planted on the ground? Take a lightweight chainsaw, add a stick, and you ...

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Chainsaw Buyer's Guide by admin on 08-04-2022

Maybe you grew up with the legend of Paul Bunyan, or you heard stories of real-life lumberjacks, and you always imagined yourself crossing the great American wilderness to tame even the tallest treetops. Maybe you simply need to clear away some tree ...

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Correct Use of chainsaw by admin on 01-04-2022

A chainsaw is something that must be used in any decoration work, but if we use a chainsaw by ourselves, what should we pay attention to? Let's see! When operating, the smaller and thinner wooden board can be supported with the left hand, and the lef...

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Exhibition notice by admin on 30-03-2022

Dear Customers, we will attend Feicon Show in San Paulo, Brazil starting from March 29,2022-April 1,2022. Our booth number is B045. We show several products in the booth. Welcome your visit to our booth and afterwards contact. Thanks.

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Chainsaw Features To Consider by admin on 25-03-2022

Choosing the right chainsaw bar length is important when buying a chainsaw. The longer the bar length, the wider diameter of wood that can be cut. Most personal chainsaws have bar lengths of 6″ to 18″ for electrical chainsaws and 12″ to 24″ for gas-p...

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What Should I do Before Using Adjustable Tiller to Remove Grass? by admin on 18-03-2022

Clean the area first If you have huge weeds, debris, metal, rocks, stones, or other things that can harm the blades and need to clean it, inspect the area first. Even if you have a heavy-duty tiller, it won't cut through rocks and metal and may damag...

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How to Choose a Brush Cutter? by admin on 11-03-2022

Begin the selection process by determining the type of debris the machine will face. Brush cutters are designed to withstand brushes of a certain height and thickness, which can damage the machine if exceeded. It's far better to proceed with caution ...

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A Guide To Tillers by admin on 04-03-2022

As we move to the end of the growing season, our attention turns to rejuvenating the soil so that it is in the best possible condition at the start of next year’s growing season. Enriching the soil in the autumn, be it with compost, mulch or manure, ...

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How to Properly Use a Brush Cutter? by admin on 19-02-2022

Use of any garden power equipment will require you to have some degree of knowledge about correct operation and safety. If you own a brush cutter, you also have to learn a proper way of using it and safely to ensure you don't harm somebody or yoursel...

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