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What do you Know About the Principles of Power Grass Trimmer? by admin on 05-08-2022

We know that when we cut grass, we can only mow across the slope, not down the slope. Modern lawn mowers are easier to maneuver. Lawn mowers are mainly used in garden decoration trimming, lawn green trimming, urban streets, greening attractions, past...

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Make Power Grass Trimmer Work More Efficiently by admin on 29-07-2022

In the continuously upgraded lawn mower, the work efficiency is getting higher and higher, but it cannot be ignored that it is a kind of mechanical equipment. Be careful when using it, otherwise, it will be scratched by the rapidly rotating lawnmower...

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How to Replace the Chainsaw Chain? by admin on 22-07-2022

Replacing the chainsaw chain is one of the most common maintenance tasks associated with chainsaw ownership. Therefore, it is important to learn how to effectively replace the chain yourself. Fortunately, most types of wrenches or flat-head screwdriv...

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How to Tell When the Chainsaw Chain is Worn? by admin on 15-07-2022

The chainsaw is one of the most versatile tools around. They are capable of various tasks, such as trimming heavy bushes, trimming branches and limbs, cutting down trees and removing stumps. Although your tool is powerful, the real muscle behind it i...

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Common Sense to Use with Grass Trimmer by admin on 01-07-2022

1. Safe operation rules for lawn mowers Staff must wear labor protection clothing as required. During the cutting operation, no people or other animals are allowed within 15 meters to prevent accidents. Do not move machinery while it is running. When...

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Follow the Rules of use When Using a Chainsaw by admin on 24-06-2022

A chainsaw is something that must be used in any decoration work, but if we use a chainsaw by ourselves, what should we pay attention to? Let's see! When operating, the smaller and thinner wooden board can be supported with the left hand, and the lef...

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Top Tips For Using A Chainsaw Effectively by admin on 17-06-2022

From simple home improvement jobs to tackling massive tree cutting projects, chainsaws have been enjoying extensive usage over the past few decades. Construction workers, landscapers, consumers and homeowners alike have realized the endless benefits ...

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Grass Trimmer Use Technical Points by admin on 10-06-2022

Grass Trimmer is a commonly used lawn mowing equipment in the family. Its working principle is to use the power of the gasoline engine to drive the lawn mowing carousel to rotate at a high speed through the transmission system, so that the grass rope...

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Which is Better, Rechargeable Chainsaw or Chainsaw? by admin on 02-06-2022

Which is better, rechargeable chainsaw or chainsaw? Without drawing conclusions, for the time being, let’s make a comparative analysis from the following aspects: 1. Start method As we all know, the chain saw is a two-stroke engine, and it must use t...

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Operation Points of Brush Cutter by admin on 13-05-2022

Operation points of Brush Cutter: (1) After the engine of the side-mounted brush cutter is started, the side-mounted belt is placed on the operator's shoulder. When the engine speed reaches a certain speed, the centrifugal clutch is engaged, and the ...

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Precautions for Use of Brush Cutter by admin on 07-05-2022

Notes on using the brush cutter: 1. Familiar with the operation process, carefully read the brush cutter manual and know that in an emergency, turn off the engine in time. 2. Carefully check all parts before use to ensure that the brush cutter blade ...

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What to Know Before Buying a Chainsaw? by admin on 22-04-2022

Chainsaw Types Do you have down tree limbs after a powerful storm? Or maybe you need to cut down some overgrown trees? Find the right chainsaw that fits your needs and get the job done right with the help of Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Gas Chainsaws A ...

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