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Taizhou Oute Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd is China Telescopic Pole Saws Manufacturers and Electric Pole Saws factory. We specializing in producing Power Garden Tool and Professional Construction use Power Tools. Our wholesale Telescopic Pole Saws Exactly following ISO90001, the quality control system with the supportive lab equipment enables the strict control from the incoming parts to the ready goods.Our company owns 5000 m2 production workshop, tooling workshop, in-house motor workshop allowing production capacity 500000 pcs/year. Team members with over 20years experience in product Designing, Tooling, Production and Quality Control and Customer Service can supply strong capability in product development and production.


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More Information About Electric Pole Saw
What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric pole saws compared to other types of pole saws?
Compared with other types of pole saws, electric pole saws have the following advantages and disadvantages:
1. Portable: Electric pole saws typically run on rechargeable batteries, so they don't require wires and are easy to move around.
2. Environmentally friendly: Compared with traditional fuel-driven pole saws, electric pole saws have no fuel emissions and are more environmentally friendly.
3. Low Noise: Electric pole saws are quieter in operation, making them more suitable for use in urban or dense neighborhood environments.
4. EASY TO USE: Electric pole saws make pruning jobs quicker and easier than manual pole saws.
5. High safety: Compared with traditional fuel-driven pole saws, electric pole saws are safer to work because there is no need to handle flammable and explosive fuels and oils.
1. Limited power and range: Electric pole saws may be limited in power and duration due to limited battery capacity.
2. More expensive: Electric pole saws can be more expensive than traditional manual pole saws.
3. There are usage limitations: Some electric pole saws may only be good for pruning small branches, not larger ones.
4. Difficult to repair: Electric pole saws contain electronic components that can malfunction, and repairs may require professional technical support.
5. Long charging time: The battery takes a long time to charge, which can affect the efficiency of your electric pole saw.

What are the limitations of the electric pole saw, such as the length of the extension pole or the type of wood that can be cut?
Powered pole saws have some usage restrictions, including:
1. Length of Extension Rod: Electric pole saws often come with adjustable extension rods, but extension rods that are too long can cause instability, so they should be adjusted as needed.
2. Battery life and charging time: Electric pole saws may have limited battery life and charging time, so use them with caution.
3. The size and hardness of the wood being cut: Electric pole saws are good for pruning small and medium-sized branches, but you may need to use a more powerful device for larger and harder branches.
4. Cutting angle and position: Electric pole saws are generally suitable for both horizontal and vertical cuts, but for tall or difficult-to-reach spots, additional support equipment may be needed.
5. Safety precautions: Electric pole saws need to be used safely, such as wearing protective gloves, goggles, and earplugs, to avoid being affected by obstacles such as people and wires during use.
6. Other restrictions: The use of electric pole saws may be affected by factors such as weather, temperature, and humidity, so it needs to be operated under suitable conditions.


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