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  • [Q]:What is the minimum order quantity?

    [A]:OEM brand require 500 pcs. MOQ is 500 pcs.

  • [Q]:Do you provide samples?

    [A]:We provide the samples. Please cover the shipping cost.

  • [Q]:What is your warranty term for products?

    [A]:We usually offer 1year warranty starting from goods arrive in destination. Beyond warranty period, we provide spare parts.

  • [Q]:What's the delivery time?

    [A]:Lead time is 45-55days

  • [Q]:What certifications do your products have ?

    [A]:CE, GS, RoHS, EMC, ETL certificates are available.

  • [Q]:Can you do customized packaging (with designs on them) for individual retail selling?

    [A]:Yes, we can do on the base of MOQ 500pcs order.

  • [Q]:How to choose lubricating oil?

    [A]:Proper use of lubricating oil can enhance the cutting ability of the chain saw and increase the service life. Please use Electric Chain Saw lubricating oil.

  • [Q]:How to prevent chain saw from kickback?

    [A]:Kickback may occur when the moving chain contacts an object at the upper portion of the tip of the guide bar or when the wood closes in and pinches the chain saw in the cut.  Contact at the upper portion of the tip of the guide bar can cause the chain to dig into the object and stop the chain for an instant. The result is a  lightening fast, reverse reaction which kicks the guide bar up and back toward the operator. If the chain saw is pinched along the top of the guide bar, the guide bar can be driven rapidly back toward the operator. Either of these reactions can cause loss of saw control which can result in serious injury. Do not rely exclusively upon the safety devices built into the saw. As a chain saw user, you should take several steps to keep your cutting jobs free from accident or injury.

  • [Q]:What material is the chain saw suitable for cutting?

    [A]:Our chain saw is only suitable for cutting wood. Please pay attention to avoid hitting stones, nails, etc., because these things will hurt workers and machines.

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