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Taizhou Oute Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd is China Multifunctional Brush Cutters Manufacturers and Power Grass Trimmers factory. We specializing in producing Power Garden Tool and Professional Construction use Power Tools. Our wholesale Power Grass Trimmers Exactly following ISO90001, the quality control system with the supportive lab equipment enables the strict control from the incoming parts to the ready goods.Our company owns 5000 m2 production workshop, tooling workshop, in-house motor workshop allowing production capacity 500000 pcs/year. Team members with over 20years experience in product Designing, Tooling, Production and Quality Control and Customer Service can supply strong capability in product development and production.


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More Information About Electric Grass Trimmer & Electric Brush Cutter
What is the main difference between electric grass trimmer and electric brush cutter?
Both electric grass trimmers and electric brush cutters are power tools used for trimming and mowing grass, and the main differences between them are the following:
1. Blade type and size: Electric grass trimmers typically use fine nylon string or blades to mow and trim lawn edges, while electric brush cutters use larger metal blades to cut longer and coarser grass or shrubs.
2. Power and Size: Electric brush cutters are generally larger, heavier, and pack more horsepower and cutting power than electric grass trimmers. That's because the electric crush utter needs to handle larger, thicker plants, while the electric grass trimmer is better suited for lightweight lawn maintenance and detailed lawn edge trimming.
3. Usage scenarios: Electric brush cutter is more suitable for use in wild and wild places, such as forest trails, road edges, river banks, etc., while electric grass trimmer is more suitable for daily maintenance in home lawns, gardens, and courtyards.

What factors should be considered before buying an electric grass trimmer vs an electric brush mower?
Here are some things to consider before buying an electric lawn trimmer and electric brush mower:
1. Lawn size and shape: The size and shape of your lawn will affect the required tool size and power. If your lawn is small or has many corners and edges, a lightweight, easy-to-manage tool may be more suitable.
2. Types of vegetation to trim: Different lawns and gardens may have different types of vegetation, such as grasses, shrubs, etc. When choosing a tool, consider the type of vegetation that needs to be trimmed so that you can choose the right bit and cutting method.
3. Availability and reliability of tools: When shopping for electric lawn trimmers and electric brush mowers, consider whether the make and model are easy to purchase and repair. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the reliability of the tool, and choose a reliable brand and model for long-term use. Taizhou Oute Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of electric garden tools. The team members have more than 20 years of experience in product design, tooling, production, quality control, and customer service, and have strong product development and production capabilities. You can choose our company's products with confidence.
4. Power and efficiency of electric lawn trimmers and electric brush mowers: Different models of electric lawn trimmers and electric brush mowers have different power and efficiency. Appropriate power and efficiency can be selected according to needs to achieve higher efficiency and better user experience.
5. Tool Quality and Price: Tool quality and price are important factors to consider when choosing. Generally speaking, higher-priced tools are higher quality and more versatile. However, you can also choose a suitable model according to your personal needs and budget.
6. Ease of use and maintenance: Ease of use and maintenance is also a factor to consider. Some models of electric lawn trimmers and electric brush mowers can be easily disassembled and cleaned, while others may require more maintenance. When choosing, you can make a choice according to your own needs and circumstances.


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