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How To Use Automatic Chainsaw And Maintenance Skills


  The automatic chainsaw is one of the most widely used and most frequent power tools in garden machinery products. Because it has very sharp teeth and is used for cutting wood at high speeds, strict safety precautions must be taken when using it. Our company has summarized a series of automatic chainsaw usage methods, maintenance skills, and precautions, and share them with you.

  1. Use reliable lubricants correctly

  It is recommended to use a high-quality saw chain and guide lubricating oil with low environmental pollution, such as lubricating oil with the strong anti-aging ability and rapid biodegradation. If the anti-aging ability is low, the lubricating oil is easy to be resized, which will form hard deposits that are difficult to remove, especially on the saw chain transmission parts, clutches, and on the saw chain. In severe cases, the oil pump will be blocked. In addition, do not use waste lubricating oil. Waste lubricating oil does not have the required lubricating ability, and repeated contact with waste lubricating oil may cause skin cancer, and waste lubricating oil can also damage the environment.

  2. Always keep the saw chain lubricated

  The lubrication of saw chains and guide plates is extremely important for the use of an automatic chainsaw. The technician said that a small amount of lubricating oil must be thrown out of the saw chain all the time, and do not work without lubrication of the saw chain. If the saw chain runs dry, the cutting tool will soon be damaged and can no longer be repaired. Therefore, be sure to check the lubrication of the saw chain and the amount of oil in the oil tank before starting work.

  Three, often check the tension of the saw chain

  Compared with saw chains that have been in use for a long time, new chains need to be tightened more frequently. Generally in the cold state, the saw chain is engaged on the lower side of the guide plate but can still be pulled along the guide plate by hand, indicating that the tension is correct. After reaching the operating temperature, the saw chain expands and begins to relax. Do not allow the drive link on the lower side of the guide plate to come out of the guide groove, otherwise, the saw chain will fall off. Tighten the saw chain again if necessary. When the temperature drops, the saw chain shrinks. Adjust the saw chain at this time, otherwise, the crankshaft and bearings will be damaged.

  4. Details not to be ignored

  During the use of an automatic chainsaw, there are several operating details that require special attention from users.

  First, when starting an automatic chainsaw, do not pull the starting rope to the end. When starting, gently pull up the starting handle by hand until the stop position, and then pull it quickly and forcefully while pressing down the front handle.

  Secondly, after the engine has been running at the maximum throttle for a long time, it needs to be idling for a period of time in order to cool the airflow and release most of the heat in the engine. This can avoid thermal overload of the components (ignition device, carburetor) installed on the engine.

  Again, if the engine power drops significantly, it may be caused by a dirty air filter. Remove the carburetor box cover, take out the air filter, clean the dirt around the filter, separate the two parts of the filter, dust the filter with the palm of your hand, or blow it clean with compressed air from inside to outside. When reinstalling the air filter, remember to check whether the position of the air door and torsion spring is correct.

  Five, the later maintenance is timely and thorough

  The most important thing in the maintenance of an automatic chainsaw is the saw chain. A properly maintained and sharpened saw chain can be easily cut into the wood with little pressure. During daily maintenance, pay attention to check whether there are cracks and broken rivets on the chain links of the saw chain. Replace any damaged or worn parts on the saw chain, and then match new parts with the same shape and size as the original. Carbide saw chains are particularly resistant to wear.

  For long-term storage of automatic chainsaw, the fuel tank should be emptied and cleaned in a well-ventilated place. Always run the engine before the carburetor dries to prevent the carburetor diaphragms from sticking together. Remove the saw chain and guide plate, clean, and then spray anti-rust oil. Thoroughly clean the tools, especially the cylinder cooling fins and air filters.

  Finally, everyone must understand the importance of automatic chainsaw operation, but the most important thing is to do it. Any irregular operation and untimely maintenance may cause certain safety hazards.

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