How To Extend The Service Life Of Outdoor Garden Tools

Update:04 Jan 2021

  How to extend the service life of outdoor garden tools? Careful maintenance can extend service life. Today we will briefly introduce it to you and hope it will be helpful to you.

  Chain saw maintenance:

  ① The oil tank is well sealed and the oil path is unobstructed, and the mixed oil ratio is reasonable.

  ② Check and repair the air filter, spark plug, carburetor, and other components once a month to ensure that there is no malfunction.

  ③ The movement and combustion chamber are cleaned once every six months, and all parts are checked and repaired once a month to ensure that they are in normal condition.

  ④Spot check: check once before each use to ensure that the circuit is intact, the load is normal after power-on, and the high voltage coil is not aging.

  ⑤Knife maintenance: The cutting edge of the cutting tool should be kept sharp, free of rust, and dull. The knife should be polished in time and lubricated after polishing so that the layman has no defects.


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