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Chainsaw Cutting Techniques


There are a number of ways to cut using a chainsaw. It’s a good idea to use the correct cutting technique for the job you’re doing - not only from a safety perspective but also to achieve the best results.

Some general things to remember when cutting trees with a chainsaw are:

Always remove lower branches from a tree before feeling it.

Cut branches with a downward stroke of the chainsaw, as close as possible to the main trunk.

If working on a large tree, it's recommended to cut large branches to manageable lengths instead of the whole branch.

It’s a good idea to remove smaller branches (where you can reach these) from big branches before cutting these as this helps reduce the weight of the branch.

Always use a vertical cut when cutting branches.

Never cut with the saw above your shoulder height.

Very tall trees may require a cherry picker or ladder to reach branches; start the saw on the ground and apply the chain brake before climbing the ladder, only removing the chain brake once you are securely in position and ready to cut. (Starting the chainsaw on the ladder may cause you to lose balance)

Using the tip of the chainsaw is generally not recommended.

Do not attempt to fell large trees without a professional as this can be extremely dangerous.

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