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Multifunctional Brush Cutter Operating Instructions


Attention should be paid when operating Brush Cutter:

1. Pre-harvest copy: check whether all parts of the harvester are in good condition.

2. Drive the machine into the field, then pull the grass divider to the working position, lower the grain receiving platform, pull the grain drain gate to the "open" position, hang the grain bag on the grain bag hook, and turn the machine into the vertical ridge Location.

3. Debug the machine: turn the dust-feeding adjustment handle to the "standard" position, and the auxiliary gear shift handle can be set to the "high speed" or "low speed" position according to the crop conditions, and the grass row handle can be placed in the "cut grass" or "row grass" position. "Location.

4. Lower the cutting platform, and lower the front end of the crop divider to a place 5-10cm away from the surface of the field.

The depth of stubble can be adjusted according to local sowing habits

5. Pull the handles of the disengagement clutch and the cutting clutch to the combined position.

6. Slowly push the main gear handle forward to make the machine start to harvest.

7. When the crop starts to enter the threshing port, operate the manual adjustment switch of the threshing depth to make the head of the ear in position away from the depth indicator.

8. After all the crops are harvested, pull the handle of the harvesting clutch to the separated position.

9. After the grain outlet is no longer delivering grain, move the thresher clutch handle to the disengaged position.

10. Check whether the switches of all parts of the machine are closed.

11. Reduce the throttle and the engine stalls.

12. Drive the Brush Cutter back to the placement point and perform certain inspections and maintenance.

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