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What do you Know About the Principles of Power Grass Trimmer?


We know that when we cut grass, we can only mow across the slope, not down the slope. Modern lawn mowers are easier to maneuver.

Lawn mowers are mainly used in garden decoration trimming, lawn green trimming, urban streets, greening attractions, pastoral trimming, field weeding, especially lawns and grasslands in parks, other grass fields such as football fields, private villa gardens, and agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. The trimming of the vegetation on the site can also be used during the autumn harvest. However, lawn mowers have certain limitations when mowing lawns in rural fields, fields, and mountains, mainly due to issues such as uneven terrain, power supply methods, and the weight and portability of lawn mowers.

The most commonly used lawn mower today is a gasoline lawn mower, also known as gasoline saw. Wide range of uses, mainly used for lawn mowing and beautification in park lawns, green belts, factory lawns, golf courses, home gardens, grasslands, orchards and other places.

Secondly, the classification of Power Grass Trimmer mainly includes the following three

(1) It is the most common reciprocating harvester. The characteristics of this harvester are that the grass is neatly cut, and the frequency required per unit of cutting width is relatively small. Although there are so many advantages, there are also many disadvantages. The planting machine has poor adaptability to the growth state of different grasses and is easy to block, so it is only suitable for flat grasses. The working speed of this kind of machine is not fast, the cutting speed can reach 3m/s, and the forward speed is generally 6-8 km/h.

(2) It is a tractor-mounted lawn mower. The manufacturer reminds us: this kind of harvester is not as bulky as the previous one, its structure is simple, light and flexible, and this kind of harvester is also the most widely used one. Reach 1.6-2.0m/s. It is suitable for places like larger farms.

(3) It is a rotary lawn mower. I think this is the fastest harvester. The speed of this harvester is as high as 60-90m/s. It works smoothly, no matter what kind of grass it is, but the disadvantage is that it does not cut neatly and re-cuts a lot.

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