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The Role Of Multifunctional Garden Tools


WHY I BOUGHT multifunctional garden tools
I had recently moved to agricultural property and now had a third of an acre of garden to maintain. I had a background in garden maintenance so was familiar with petrol garden tools.

​As the same with many people I had limited shed space so did not want to clutter it with tools. While browsing through Amazon I came across multiple examples of multi-tools and was quite impressed. I rapidly came to the conclusion that for the cost it worth taking a punt on petrol garden multi-tool.
Hedge cutting
Overall I would certainly say my experience with these tools has been negative. On the other hand, I have on every occasion put them through a fair bit of work.

I would say that my garden is larger than the average person in the UK. I have used them to cut hedges, cut through brush and cut large, established apple trees.

The strimmer worked very well but the brush cutter dented and buckled easily after hitting a few rocks. At first, the hedge trimmer attachment worked well and cut the Leylandii hedge well. I then tried cutting the one-year-old sprouts off of the hawthorn hedge. The cutter worked well but struggled with slightly larger stems.

When it came to cutting the hedge again I found that it was no longer cutting cleanly. Strands of foliage were simply left hanging annoyingly from the hedge. Then that year in the real problems started. The multi-tool was always tricky to get started and took many pulls to get going.
gardening multi-tool.

The cord had actually started to break into the casing via abrasion. This goes some distance to explain the quality of this product. Soon after the tool would not get going with any power. I tried to adjust just about everything I could before I took it to a repair shop. The repair shop simply refused to look at it and insisted they would not be able to fix it.

​I had come to the conclusion that buying one of each tool was going to cost me a substantial amount. I decided to give petrol multi-tools another try. This time I would do even more research and try to zoom into the product images to get an idea of quality. My line of thought was going for something that looks much more robust.

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