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The Characteristics And Functions Of Different Outdoor Garden Tools


What are the garden tools? Below I will explain to you the characteristics and functions of different outdoor garden tools through some classic examples.

  1. Trimming scissors

Pruning shears can be used for pruning small branches and flowering branches. This kind of special shears has dexterous grip and wide handle, which makes it easy to use. In fact, pruning shears are very versatile. In addition to pruning flowers, they can also be used for shearing wool.

  1. Shovel

Gardening shovel is generally flat, rectangular, semi-circular, and pointed. Unlike traditional farm tool shovel, gardening shovel is relatively small and exquisite. It is ideal for plowing, plowing, and preparing the ground for small gardens.

  1. Fang hoe

Remove stubborn roots and hay, level the soil, and prepare for planting new plants. The curved blade of the square hoe is very convenient for trenching and soil preparation, and the slightly curved handle is comfortable to grasp, and it can be swung freely for the opponent and the wrist.

  1. Ripper

The strong tines of the ripper easily raked through the thick, hard soil, and weeds fell to the ground in the past. The handle is sturdy and durable, it is very convenient and comfortable to clean and prepare the ground, and the stainless steel tines ensure long-term frequent use.

  1. Chain saw

A powerful electric saw can improve the efficiency of gardening. The electric saw is the ultimate gardening tool that can be used for a long time.

  1. Gardening knife

The flat round base can be used to hit tent piles. Convenient inch marks can measure the depth of implantation. Anti-rust, double-edged blades can cut branches or cut firelighters.

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