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How to Replace the Chainsaw Chain?


Replacing the chainsaw chain is one of the most common maintenance tasks associated with chainsaw ownership. Therefore, it is important to learn how to effectively replace the chain yourself. Fortunately, most types of wrenches or flat-head screwdrivers and socket wrenches can be used to accomplish this task.

The first thing you need to do is to remove the side panel of the tool guide. The plate is usually fixed by two nuts, and you can remove it with a wrench. After removing the nut, simply remove the board to access the chain. Please note if there is a brake on the side panel of the chainsaw. If there is a brake, make sure to unlock it before removing the side panel. Next, pull the nose of the guide rod out of the housing of the tool to loosen it from the tensioner. This will release the tension on the chain, allowing you to remove it easily. To remove the chain, tighten and pull the drive link from the guide rod so that the other end of the chain slides over the clutch drum of the tool.

The old chain is gone, it's time to install a replacement. Locate the tension screw located on the inner side of the guide rod, and then use a flat-blade screwdriver to loosen it. Now, just wind a new or sharpened chain on the clutch drum, making sure that the drive link engages the sprocket. Then move the remaining links along the groove of the guide rod and through its nostrils.

After inserting the chain along the guide rod, pull the nose of the guide rod away from the tool housing to apply a certain pulling force to the chain and ensure that the guide rod is located on the adjustment pin of the saw.

After fixing the guide rod in place, you can replace and fix the side plate by slightly tightening the nut. When the nut is not fully tightened, adjust the tension screw to the correct setting. Finally, after the tension is set correctly, just tighten the side plate nuts to start using the chainsaw.

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