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How to Properly Use a Multifunctional Brush Cutter?


Use of any garden power equipment will require you to have some degree of knowledge about correct operation and safety. If you own a brush cutter, you also have to learn a proper way of using it and safety to ensure you don’t harm somebody or yourself, or damage objects. Consider the following guide to help you better understand the right way to use your Brush cutter.

If you own a multifunctional brush cutter, ensure you have enough fuel for the task and check the oil. Now if you have an electric model, you need a power source to propel the machine. These are designed for lighter tasks. Corded ones could limit where you can go, so these types are just right for smaller yards.

It is important to always have the correct posture when you are operating the brush cutter. You should be able to work comfortably if the machine is positioned close to the ground. Always pay close attention to your body and the signals it is giving you; if you get tired or there’s a pain or strain anywhere in your body, put down your brush cutter and rest. You need to be completely focused and in your best health when operating. Petrol brush cutters typically come with a shoulder strap, this should be worn every time to avoid straining your back or neck.

Remove garden furniture, toys, big rocks and other objects in the work area; you don’t want to hit these objects because they can wear out (or break) your brush cutter’s nylon cutting line. Of course there are obstacles that cannot be moved, just be more careful, slow down the speed as you hit them when closer. Slower speed reduce the chances nylon line gets damaged or break, and also protects your object getting damaged.

When you are trimming, make a steady sweeping motion as you slowly move forward. The brush cutter should be held as far from you as possible so you don’t unintentionally cut yourself. However, there are models that come with a guard/covering to protect the operator.

Knowing how to use a brush cutter properly enables you to work efficiently, getting the results you want in as short time as possible.

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