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How To Perform Cutting Equipment


Many of the multifunctional garden tools contain parts saw chains. How to perform cutting equipment, there are the following suggestions.

1.Correctly tension the saw chain

Make sure that the saw chain is properly tensioned. The slack saw chain may fall off the guide plate, causing you injury and damage to the chain saw. A saw chain that is too tight can cause premature wear of the guide plate. A properly tensioned saw chain should not hang under the guide plate. When the saw chain touches the underside of the guide plate and can still be easily pulled back and forth by hand, the saw chain tension is correct.

Always allow the saw chain to cool down before adjusting the tension of the saw chain. As the saw chain cools, it shrinks.

2.Chain lubrication

Poor lubrication is the main cause of premature wear. Every time you add oil, it is recommended that you check and refill the chain oil. The chain oil developed by Husqvarna provides good lubrication for our cutting system.

3.Start the chain saw

Keep the chain saw above the stump to speed up the engine

If a line of oil is left on the stump, the chain lubrication is effective

4.Guide plate maintenance

Most guide plate problems are related to improper tensioning of the chain saw, poor lubrication, or incorrect operation methods. The most vulnerable part is the bottom side of the guide plate, where most of the sawing operations are done.

The guide plate should be rotated every time the chain saw is changed to make it wear evenly.

Clean the guide plate groove and the oil inlet regularly.

File the burrs from the guide rail.

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