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Follow the Rules of use When Using a Chainsaw


A chainsaw is something that must be used in any decoration work, but if we use a chainsaw by ourselves, what should we pay attention to? Let's see!

When operating, the smaller and thinner wooden board can be supported with the left hand, and the left foot can be used to hold it or fix it on the workbench; hold the handle of the saw with the right hand and slowly advance the sawing, and do not use too much force when advancing, so as to avoid injury. Body or damage sawed year. For larger boards, after fixing the board securely, hold the saw handle with both hands and push it forward for sawing. Sawing should be carried out according to the line, keep the saw blade perpendicular to the board surface, and prevent the phenomenon of jamming and other sawing.

When sawing to the end, generally freehold the side of the workpiece or sheet that is about to fall with one hand, push the saw to the end of the sawing line with the other hand, and lift the saw body to complete the operation Operation.

Precautions for use When using the electric jigsaw, pay attention to abiding by the rules of use to ensure safe use.

If you want to achieve a good sawing effect, you should select a sawing year with different sizes and widths according to the processing requirements of the workpiece before sawing. If the workpiece has a large vibration or rebounds phenomenon when sawing thin plates, it indicates that the tooth pitch of the selected saw year is too large, and the corresponding fine-tooth saw year should be replaced. Saw years should be kept sharp, dull saw years should not be used and should be replaced in time.

When sawing the plate, do not lift the jig saw arbitrarily, so as to avoid the saw blade being broken and damaged by impact. However, the jigsaw can be started intermittently in order to identify the sawing path and ensure the quality of sawing. The forward thrust should not be too strong, and the corner radius should not be less than 50mm. If it is stuck, the power should be cut off, the saw blade should be withdrawn, and the sawing should be restarted.

For example, if you are cutting holes in a plate, you can first use various drilling tools to drill holes in the plate, and then insert the jigsaw into the hole to saw the desired shape.

When using a jig saw, you should pay attention to maintenance at all times, and often add lubricating oil to the rotating part. If you find abnormal noise, sparks, overheating of the casing, no operation or too slow operation during use, you should immediately stop the saw and repair it before using it.

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