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Common Sense to Use with Grass Trimmer


1. Safe operation rules for lawn mowers

Staff must wear labor protection clothing as required.

During the cutting operation, no people or other animals are allowed within 15 meters to prevent accidents.

Do not move machinery while it is running.

When starting operation, run at low speed for 1-3 minutes and then load again. When there is no load, it is not allowed to drive at high speed.

To be safe from fire, keep away from sources of ignition when refueling.

Do not overfill the fuel tank. If there is fuel spillage or spillage, it must be completely removed, and the gasoline engine can be started only after the fuel tank cap is tightened.

Unconscious or intoxicated persons and pregnant women should not operate the lawn mower without operating knowledge.

2. Precautions for the use of lawn mowers

It is recommended to use oil of 90# and 93# or above for gasoline, and it is recommended to use two-stroke FC or FD grade special oil (two-stroke lawn mower).

The FC grade oil has a fuel-to-fuel ratio of 25:1, and the gasoline engine initially runs for 20 hours with a fuel-to-fuel ratio of 20:1.

It is recommended to use the original Yusen FD grade oil for a long time, because the Yusen machine and the oil are carefully matched to maximize the performance of the machine and prolong the life of the machine, smoke-free, clean and environmentally friendly!

3. Common faults and troubleshooting of lawn mowers

1. When the gasoline engine cannot be started, please follow the steps to check:

Is the gasoline engine parking switch in the "NO" position?

Is the fuel switch in the ON position?

Is there fuel in the tank?

Whether the fuel reaches the carburetor, press the fuel injector (that is, the oil bubble) on the carburetor continuously until the fuel overflows from the return pipe (the transparent pipe is the return pipe).

Is there enough lubricating oil?

2. Does the spark plug spark?

Remove the spark plug cap, remove any dust from it, and then remove the spark plug.

Put the spark plug cap back on the spark plug.

Touch the electrode of the spark plug to any grounding point of the gasoline engine, and pull the starter to see if a spark occurs.

If there is no spark, replace the spark plug. If sparks occur, reinstall spark plugs. Start the gasoline engine again according to the instruction manual of the lawn mower.

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