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Chainsaw Features To Consider


Choosing the right chainsaw bar length is important when buying a chainsaw. The longer the bar length, the wider diameter of wood that can be cut. Most personal chainsaws have bar lengths of 6″ to 18″ for electrical chainsaws and 12″ to 24″ for gas-powered chainsaws. Professional models will have an even longer bar length.

In terms of power, the higher the number of engine displacement and horsepower for gas chainsaws and voltage and amps for electrical chainsaws, means more cutting power.

An anti-vibration feature makes using a chainsaw more comfortable and helps reduce fatigue when cutting. This feature is especially helpful if you have a lot of cutting to do.

Spring-assist start reduces the pulling force needed to start a gas-powered chainsaw.

An automatic oiler lubricates the chain as you cut. Keeping your chain lubricated is necessary for safe and efficient cutting.

A chain brake is designed to stop the chain if the saw encounters an abrupt movement or impact.

Low kickback bars and chains help reduce the risk of the saw being unexpectedly forced back and up.

Toolless chain adjustment allows you to change the cutting chain tension quickly and easily.

Air cleaning features can extend the life of your air filter by removing large pieces of debris before they reach the filter.

A carrying case protects the saw and makes transporting it easier and safe.

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