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About Choosing Automatic Chainsaw


With a wide range of powerful automatic chainsaws, from the light all-rounder to the powerful main force, there is a chain saw for every job. With so many models to choose from, there are three key points to consider when choosing a chainsaw.

1. Work scale:
The first factor to consider is the type of tasks you will use it, and the second is how often you complete those tasks.

2. Your level of experience
Although some people may think that bigger is better, this is not always the case for chain saws. Not only is it important to choose a model that suits the task you will use it for, but it is also important to choose a chain saw that suits your operation and suits your level of experience.

3. Power
There are three options to choose from, battery, petrol and electric, each of which has its own merits and suits different users and tasks.

Homeowner Chain Saw
For easy work around the home, including trimming and cutting firewood for the fireplace, or if you are looking for a camping buddy to keep warm on your annual family trip, one of our homeowner chainsaws can solve the problem.

As a rule of thumb, the guide bar on the chain saw should not be much larger than the largest log you plan to cut.

Landlord Chain Saw
For heavier tasks, such as clearing storm damage or cutting down trees at home, our landlord chain saw is one of the best options.

For daily commercial use or long hours of work, our professional chain saw series have many different models.


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