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What Should be Paid Attention to in the use and Maintenance of Brush Cutters?


With the arrival of midsummer, all kinds of high-pole miscellaneous irrigation have entered a prosperous period. What should workers pay attention to when using brush cutters? Today, the price of brush cutters is here to summarize the problems that should be paid attention to in their use and maintenance.

1. Before the brush cutter cuts the shrub, the sundries in the cutting area should be removed first, so as not to damage the brush head and blade. When starting the engine in a cold state, the damper should be closed first, and then the damper should be opened after starting. If the irrigated area is too large, the continuous working time of the brush cutter should not exceed 4 hours.

2. After the brush cutter is used, it should be thoroughly cleaned, and check whether all the screws are fastened, whether the blade is damaged, check the high-pressure cap, etc., and strengthen the inspection or replacement of vulnerable parts according to the service life of the brush cutter.

Protection of brush cutters

Every time before using the brush cutter, check the oil level of the oil to see if it is between the upper and lower scales of the oil dipstick. The oil should be replaced after the new machine is used for 5 hours, and the oil should be replaced again after 10 hours of use. In the future, the oil should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the manual. The oil change should be carried out when the engine is in a warm state, and the oil should not be filled too much, otherwise, there will be black smoke, lack of power (too much carbon deposits in the cylinder, small spark plug gap), and engine overheating. The oil filling should not be too small, otherwise, the engine gear will be noisy, the piston ring will be worn and damaged, and even the phenomenon of lava will appear, resulting in serious damage to the engine.

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