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Maintenance and Storage of Grass Trimmer in Winter


In order to extend the service life of the lawnmower and make it work smoothly in the coming year, the collection and maintenance of the lawnmower in winter are very important. The main points are:

Before storing the lawnmower for a long time, clean it thoroughly, remove the grass clippings or other debris on the surface of the engine, disconnect the ignition high-voltage line of the engine, and use a water pipe to flush away the remaining grass. Use a small wooden stick or other tools (do not use your hands or feet) to remove the grass or debris that hinders the movement of the blade, and wash it with water.

The fuel tank of the lawnmower should be filled with oil before storage to prevent moisture from forming water in the fuel tank, and to prevent rust and fouling. When the fuel tank is almost full, add a gasoline stabilizer to the gasoline, and then tighten the fuel tank cap. Let the engine ignite and run for a few minutes to allow the additives to circulate in the carburetor. Gasoline stabilizers can prevent condensation in the fuel intake system or key components of the carburetor.

After the above steps are completed, take out the air filter and start the engine. When the engine is running, spray oil into the carburetor's throat for about 5 seconds. Then turn off the engine, take out the spark plug, and spray carbureted oil into the cylinder 1 or 2 times (short injection). Before refitting the spark plug, rotate the engine 1 to 2 revolutions to lubricate the piston, piston ring and cylinder wall.

Next, disconnect the negative wire of the battery used in the lawnmower and take out the battery. Use Briton battery electrode cleaner to clean the electrodes, spray-on Briton electrode protector, and store the battery in a cool, dry place.

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