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Inspection Before Operating the Brush Cutter


1. Check whether the safety device is firm, whether the screws and nuts of each part are loose, and whether fuel leaks out. In particular, whether the mounting screws of the blade and the screws of the gearbox are fastened, and if they are loose, they should be tightened.

2. Check whether there are wires, stones, metal objects and other sundries that hinder the operation in the working area.

3. Check whether the blade has gaps, cracks, bending, etc.

4. Check whether the blade makes any abnormal noise and if so, check whether the blade is clamped properly.

5. When starting the brush cutter must be off the ground or where there are obstacles.

6. When starting the engine - make sure there are no idlers around.

7. When starting the engine, make sure that the engine is off the ground before starting.

8. When the temperature is low, the choke door should be opened when starting, and the choke door can not be used when the car is hot.

9. Pull out the starting rope slowly until it cannot be pulled, and then pull it out quickly and forcefully after it rebounds.

10. When the load is empty, the throttle should be pulled to the idle speed or the small throttle position to prevent the phenomenon of speeding; when working, the throttle should be large.

11. When all the oil in the crankcase is used up and refueled, the manual oil pump should be pressed at least 5 times before restarting.

12. Do not start the engine indoors. the

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