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How to Choose a Brush Cutter?


Begin the selection process by determining the type of debris the machine will face. Brush cutters are designed to withstand brushes of a certain height and thickness, which can damage the machine if exceeded. It's far better to proceed with caution by choosing a brush cutter that can handle multiple jobs and a thicker brush rather than buying a smaller unit that might save you money but also limit versatility and opportunity.

Tough jobs like clearing clearings and establishing trails or paths require brush cutters to tackle weeds, thick brush, and overgrown vegetation. Look for a model that takes out saplings several inches thick and doesn't shy away from chest-high weeds. After all, if the brush cutter can't handle it, it goes back to the branch shears to get the job done.

Efficient machines capable of clearing an acre or more of brush per hour allow contractors to quickly complete a project and move on to the next. To help maximize productivity, consider a brushcutter with a hydrostatic drive and clutchless variable operating speed, rather than a unit with gear selection.

The brush cutter can easily move over the brush and keep the brush in the cutting area. Be sure to consider the structure that protects the foredeck when purchasing. If this is a lawnmower, rubber flaps are fine. However, brush cutters often handle heavy undergrowth in overgrown areas with little or no visibility of what's underneath. It's best to trust the durability of steel over rubber flaps or slings.

Choose a brushcutter with durable tires. Pneumatic tires are common, but they can be easily punctured. Alternatively, puncture-resistant foam-filled tires are designed to withstand the most challenging working conditions, able to withstand punctures from brushes, nails, glass or other sharp objects, so tires rarely need to be replaced.

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