China Electric Chain Saw Industry Market Development Overview

Update:04 Feb 2020

According to the "Research and Investment Strategy Report of China Electric Chain Saw Industry" released by Limu Information Consulting, the garden machinery industry has basically entered a mature stage in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Judging from the current distribution of the global garden machinery market, developed countries such as Europe and the United States are the major consumers of global garden machinery products. The garden machinery industry is in a stage of rapid development in most developing countries, especially in Asia and South America.

Chain saw products are mainly electric chain saws and gasoline saws, which are composed of handles, motors or gasoline engines, guide plates, chains, hand guards, etc., power tools for cutting trees with saw chains, which are operated by the hands of the operator. Used for logging and timber.

According to the length of the guide plate of the machine, it can be divided into short guide plate and long guide plate. The short guide plate is mainly used for intermittent pruning, and the long guide plate is used for felling.


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